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Le insalate

Insalata con salmone affumicato e avocado£9.50 - £12.95

Smoked salmone & avocado on a mixed salad in lemon dressing

Insalata con pollo grigliato£9.50 -£12.95

Grilled chicken breast strips, French beans on a mixed salad with olive oil

Insalata caprese£9.50 - £12.95

Buffalo mozzarella, French tomato and basil drizzled with olive oil

Gli Antipasti

Zuppa del giorno£6.50

Home made soup of the day

Tris di crostini£8.95

Trio of toasted bread topped with mozzarella & parma ham-smoked salmon & fresh tomato

Calamari alla romana£8.95

Deep-fried squid served with rocket and tartar sauce

Gamberoni e piselli£9.95

Saute of peeled king prawns and garden peas with garlic, chili and parsley

Antipasto all'italiana£9.95

Parma ham, salame Napoli, mortadella, olives, marinate courgettes & parmesan wedges

Grigliata di vegetali con caprino8.95

Marinated grilled aubergine & courgette served with goat's cheese

Mozzarella di Bufala campana & Prosciutto di Parma£9.95

Buffalo mozzarella campana, basil & Parma ham drizzled with olive oil


Marinated olives£3.25

Homa-made bread£1.95

Home-made garlic bread £2.95

with mozzarella £3.95


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