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La Carne

Petto di pollo al forno con frascati & rosmarino £16.95

Roasted chicken breast in rosemary, garlic and wine sauce served with roasted potatoes

Sella d'Agnello£18.95

Oven-baked lamb rump in red wine sauce with crushed potatoes

Bistecca di manzo al pepe verde servita con patate£19.95

Pan-fried rib-eye steak in green peppercorn sauce served with roasted potatoes

Salsiccia alla griglia £16.95

Grilled Italian sausages served with rocket & parmesan shavings

Il pesce

Filetti di spigola arrosto con fagiolini£19.95

Roasted seabass fillets served with French beans drizzled with olive oil

Salmone al forno con spinaci£17.50

Shallow-fried sword fish with garlic, capers, black olives, potato & fresh tomato

Frittura di pesce£20.95

Deep fried salmon, sea-bass, kink prawns & squid served with mix salad

I contorni

Mixed or green salad£5.30

Rocket, cherry tomato & parmesan shaving£4.95

Tomato, onions, black olive & basil£4.50

French fries or roasted potatoes£4.74

Sautè spinach in garlic & chilli£5.30

French beans£4.95

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